Energy Shields to Stop Radioactive Poisoning
Before it Starts.

Who Is Atomic is a group of 27 scientists & health care practitioners dedicated to preserving human life in America, Israel & other free countries during & after an atomic war or before, during & after a bio-chem. attack.

We request to be paid a retainer fee by local, to state, to national governments to aggressively decommission the atomic arsenals & biological weapons of governments & groups that intend to attack free states. Low cost insurance, be ready, let us set up bio-luminescent energy shields from & on Google Earth images of your land or person. Most at threat are America, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Egypt & England. Therefore we would like to enroll your government in the active and aggressive protection of your peoples from death by wind borne fallout and or terrorist ‘cheap man’s’ biological pathogens. We send this to Military Men, because you know our enemies are moving.

We are committed to being an active force to preemptively deter ‘rogue states’, terrorists & secular humanist from engaging in genocide against America, any of America’s major cities or the nation of Israel & others.  March 14th, 2011 we started treatment for Tokyo Electric

If you have the responsibility of protecting the people of your American town, or state we would like to invite you to the abominable realization that America’s federal government has totally & completely & absolutely given up on protecting America against Islamist biological weapons & the atomic weapons of Russia & China. Israel, let us enroll you in the truth. Saudi Arabia? Outside America we can set up a lab & make anti-radioactive fallout medicine cheaply. Medicine can be made as a homeopathic prep, for all your citizens.

We, when cleared, will be making this medicine For Japanese folks. We make Homeopathic medicine to counteract radioactive poisoning.

What we offer to share with you is safety borne of the foundations of Life,
Mind ~ the only cause ~ & Words & Numbers & flowers, the form & foundation of All. The Shield is in the neutron field, not electro/mag. 
We offer to set up a bio-luminance energy field to protect your peoples. Energy always trumps matter. We offer an energy system in which Russian & Chinese atomic bombs can’t survive.  (OR: 293227155) We offer to devitalize of biological pathogens 27 types of germs.

If you are in the American or Israeli military or intelligence, think hard. Our countries are defenseless. America deliberately defenseless.
Using Google – earth maps we can set up bio-luminescent energy shields & psychotronic pre-emptive war systems to cripple our enemies.
We are open for a conversation. Please put this in the right hands for action. The law of compensation is One person, 1 silver dollar, Family, 2 silver dollars. Cities, States, Countries, by the year, retainer, very fair.

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